How It Works: Private In-Home Tutoring

Here’s how our tutoring process works, step by step.

Give us a call and let us know about your tutoring needs.

We will match the best tutor for you or your child.

Meet your tutor at your home or public venue.

We will support you through your tutor relationship.

Every tutor personally selected for you. Happiness guaranteed.

Individualized, In-Home Tutoring

One-on-one private tutoring, for all subjects

Leading Edge Tutors has screened and personally interviewed every tutor. The result is a team of expert teachers and tutors. Our tutors come to you, offering a safe, familiar setting for your child or the convenient public venue for individualized attention.

Research proves that a comfortable surrounding and individual attention improves focus, eliminates peer pressure and encourages more questions; ultimately concluding in greater understanding and comprehension.

Rae Largura, Owner/Director of Leading Edge Tutors

A message from Rae Guyer-Largura, Owner/Director

“I am devoted to creating a better future for our children by improving their education. An excellent tutor can be the difference between quiet desperation and active participation in school.

Finding a tutor is a highly personalized process, and I will work closely and confidentially with you to find the best fit. Our tutors are the most qualified and dedicated Santa Barbara has to offer — I carefully select them myself to give you peace of mind. By giving your child an edge, we give them the tools for learning, leading and life. I look forward to working with you.”

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