Frequently Asked Questions

A few common questions about in-home private tutoring

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How is Leading Edge Tutors different from a learning center?
Leading Edge Tutors comes directly to you, in the convenience of your home, and we are generally more affordable than learning centers. There are no expensive academic evaluations, hidden costs or contracts. Our tutors work with the school curriculum and diverse learning styles. Although we do not require a time-committed contract, we strongly encourage regular scheduled sessions to achieve your child’s highest potential.
Do you work with home-schoolers?
Yes, our company is very familiar with the home-schooling community and needs. We recognize that home-schooling is a viable alternative to more traditional methods of education. Our tutors work with traditional, online or independent study approaches to home-schooling.
Can tutoring take place at a location other than my home?
Yes, our tutors can meet at public or school libraries and coffee shops. We do not tutor in student’s dorm rooms or apartments.
What if my child doesn't like the tutor?
If, at any time, you do not think the tutor is a good match for yourself or your child, another tutor will be selected. Our commitment is to your child’s progress and the perfect tutor match is a key component. Our director will work with you for complete and guaranteed satisfaction.
Is there a minimum commitment, and how long is each session?
We do not require a time commitment although we strongly suggest continuity in order to realize the greatest benefit. Sessions are a minimum of one hour.
How long does it take to get a tutor working with my child?
Tutor placement usually takes place within the next day after our initial conversation.
Do you have a curriculum?
Our tutors work with your child’s required assignments and textbooks in order to reinforce what they learn in class. The skills developed in tutoring will be immediately applied in the classroom. The tutor or director may communicate with your child’s teacher as necessary, with parent consent.
Do you offer tutoring in the summer?

Continuity is vital to sustained academic success. It is crucial to continue studies throughout the academic year, holiday breaks and summer. Leading Edge Tutors offers year-round instruction. We offer small group rates during the summer months to help prevent summer learning loss. Our tutors are flexible and dedicated to giving your children an edge at the start of their next grade level.

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