Your child is spending an average of 943 hours in school this year. Certainly, as a parent you would be concerned about what your child is doing for all of those hours. Fortunately, Back-To-School night is your opportunity to learn just that. Here are some tips on what to expect, what to do and what not to do.

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Back-To-School night is scheduled on a school night within a month or so of the first day of school. This gives your child a chance to get settled in and the teachers a chance to breathe from the busy start of a new school year. You will have the convenience of meeting the principal or headmaster, teachers, aides, and some fellow parents. This is the time to sign up for volunteer opportunities and ask questions. This is a great start to your involvement at school – take advantage of the sign ups to be a part of your child’s school life. Studies are overwhelming that show parent involvement in schools equal higher academic achievement and social happiness for your student.

Most of the time you will sit at the very desk of which your child does everyday. Often times you will get the chance to leave your child a love note to receive the next day. The teacher will give an introduction, an overview of the curriculum, goals and their everyday activities. They will discuss homework routine, discipline policies, contact information and anything else that would relate to his or her classroom. The teachers will take any questions you have, and please remember that this is not a parent teacher conference. You will continue on with your child’s schedule of classes with condensed timing, of course.  By the end of the night, you will have visited each classroom of which your child sits everyday. You will have a good understanding of his or her world at school – 943 hours a year.

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