Worries can run around in our heads and make us dizzy—it’s time to slow down and slow our kids down. There is an abundance of scientific research that shows practicing mindfulness can boost happiness and increase concentration; for not only ourselves, but our children too.

We live our lives in search of the American Dream. We compete with each other for the perfect jobs, friends, and homes. Our children feel this pressure as early as kindergarten. Our teens more than ever, are feeling extreme pressure to succeed. This pressure can lead to an increase in stress, depression and feelings of overwhelm. Our kids are putting so much worry in their school accomplishments, that they are passing up the chance to feel peace and deep fulfillment, while pursuing their dreams.

What is mindfulness? It is the constant awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and environment. This awareness is non-judgmental. It is simply the awareness of the present moment. The present moment of our thoughts, our surroundings, our feelings, our bodies, our breath… etc. This present-ness gives us clarity and strength.

Adults and children who practice mindfulness are better equipped to handle failure, are more resilient, are better problem solvers and are more creative. In fact, mindful people actually find benefit in adversity, learn from the experience therefore are often more positive in all aspects of life.

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Mindfulness does not require any formal training or the discipline of meditation. It’s only requirement is awareness. And presence. Improvement in social skills, mental health, concentration, memory, and overall well-being will be the result. The key to success and productivity is not necessarily managing our time well, but rather, managing our energy well. Mindfulness shifts our attention to what really matters—the present moment. The past has lessons. The future doesn’t exist yet. We have this very moment.


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