The story of Presidents’ Day begins in the year of 1800 following President George Washington’s death in 1799. His February 22nd birthday became a perennial day of remembrance. It has now developed into a celebration for all of our Presidents and officially established in 1885 to honor all Presidents and granting our nation’s workers with a long weekend. It is still officially called “Washington’s Birthday” by the federal government, however our calendar calls it “Presidents Day”. What really matters is that we can count on a 3-4 day weekend for fun and relaxation. This American holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of every February.

In recognition or this last weekend, here are some fun facts about our Presidents:

  • Interestingly, 4 Presidents were born in February; Washington, W.H. Harrison, Lincoln and Reagan- yet their actual birthday dates have yet to fall on “President’s weekend”. 
  • George Washington had false teeth since his early twenties. They were made of ivory, lead, gold and animal teeth. 
  • Andrew Jackson had a parrot and he taught him how to curse. 
  • James Buchanan, still to date, is the only President that never married. He also bought slaves, then quietly freed them.
  • Ulysses Grant got a speeding ticket.. on his buggy pulled by a horse.
  • Rutherford Hayes banned alcohol from the White House.
  • Benjamin Harrison was the first president to use electricity in the White House, however was afraid of electricity so would not touch a light switch.
  • Gerald Ford and his wife were fashion models.
  • Ronald Reagan was a stand up comedian.
  • Thomas Jefferson was known to wear his pajamas to important meetings.
  • John Calhoun married his first cousin and they had 10 children.
  • John Tyler had 15 children.
  • Abraham Lincoln fought his way to the Wrestling Hall of Fame.
  • Theodore Roosevelt decided to give a speech, rather than go to the hospital after getting shot. His 50 pages of notes held in his jacket, saved the bullet from going into his chest.
  • Warren Harding had a gambling problem and lost the White House china set in a bet.
  • Andrew Jackson, before taking office killed a man for calling him a scoundrel.
  • William Harrison had the shortest presidential term. He died of pneumonia after one month in office.
  • William Taft, known for his obesity got stuck in a bathtub, then was rescued by smearing himself with butter.
  • Franklin Roosevelt died while sitting for a painting.
  • Andrew Johnson’s job before becoming President was a tailor. He continued to make his own suits during his presidency.
  • Herbert Hoover had 2 pet alligators of which occasionally were allowed to roam the White House.
  • Gerald Ford’s real name was Leslie King.

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