While shopping for your big and little loves ones this year, why not give the life-lasting gift of cognitive skills? 
I am a big fan of games. Games bring family and friends together, uses our minds, generates healthy competition, and gets everyone off of technology for a few minutes.  Brain skill training does for the mind what physical exercise does for the body. 
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Here is a list of board games; parent and teacher approved. These games improve brains skills like auditory and visual processing, memory, logic and reasoning, processing speed, and attention control.  
Color Code stacks up the colors and shapes for 3-D matching fun with 100 challenges to choose, and 4 levels of difficulty. 
Cranium Family Edition gives the original great game of Cranium a new way to play together as a team.
Dabble is a fast paced word game that will help children and adults develop vocabulary, spelling, and quick thinking. 
Zip-it is a 20-second word race you can play and take anywhere. 
IQ Twist will twist your brain with logic practice.
Perquackey will have you racing against time with this fast-paced, action filled word game. 
The Geek Box uses reassembling to challenge memory, visual perception, and strategic thinking skills. 
Lexogon is a word game that makes you think about words in a great new way.unwanted-christmas-presents-ebay-sell-gumtree
Show Me the Kwan is named one of Dr Toy’s “100 Best Toys of 2013”.
Scribblish will bring out the competition with imaginative drawings and creative interpretations. 
Pajaggle gives you a new, complex way of doing puzzles. 
Blink is a fast moving game that will give you quick reflexes and laughter every time. 
Tridio brings images to life in three-dimensional structures.
Kanoodle constructs two-dimensional puzzles and three-dimensional pyramids in a brain teasing game. 
WordARound is a baffling race to find the word. 
Sequence for Kids is the classic four-in-a-row but with more strategy. 
Clubs wants you to get rid of your cards using memory, logic and strategy. 

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