finalsIt is time to show what you have learned! Here are some helpful hints for you to shine through finals and show off all that you have learned this school year!
1. Do not procrastinate.
Start studying early and often. Ideally, you should’ve been actively learning the material all school year, or semester. Start studying two weeks before test day; a little bit every day until the material is mastered. The more time you spend studying, the higher grade you will get. Simple, and true.
finals - Leading Edge Tutors2. Go to study sessions /Ask the teacher for help.
Because these are optional, does not mean that they can be missed. These are opportunities to ask questions, go over test material, and study with other students. If there is any doubt about course material, ask your teacher. Teaching you is his/her job. Being shy is not worth a potential lower grade.
3. Set a timer.Retail-Digital-Kitchen-Timer-Countdown-Large-Display-Magnetic-Interval-Alarm-Clock-with-Seconds-Cooking-Tools-Accessories
Studying for more than ½ hour to 1 hour does NOT produce better results. Take a breathing break; literally and figuratively. Go for a walk or throw a ball with your dog. This will refresh your brain and allow for better thinking and processing.
4. Use index cards for studying.
Yes, they still work. Try some neon colors as a reminder that you are almost in fun summer. Color is a great tool for organizing and categorizing thoughts too.
5. Eat protein.
Eggs, nuts, chicken, beef, tofu, fish and peanut butter are all high in protein. It is crucial to have protein circulating in the body while studying. Refined white sugar will make your brain foggy and tired.
6. Listen to classical music.
Studies have shown that classical music while you study, will supply increased concentration and improved memory retention. Classical music “lights up” the parts of your brain responsible for learning! OFF with the TV, cell phones and computer games, and ON with the classical music.
7. I know it’s cliché, but get plenty of sleep.
Without sleep, the brain cannot function. Get a good 8 hours the night before the exam(s). Without sleep, the brain cannot function. The brain likes being relaxed so it can process everything being reviewed and studied.
8. Get comfy, but not too comfy.
Study in a comfortable chair, at a comfortable desk. Do not study lying in bed. Wear comfortable clothes, even, clean clothes. The smell of clean clothes is relaxing for the brain.
9. If you are feeling nervous.
Put the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. You are simply not able to clench your jaw when you do this. This allows you to relax and pause and think better.
Believe in yourself. Throw away all self doubts. Be proud of your work. Put in the extra effort, before you know it, you will be on summer vacation. It is the end of the year and you have the opportunity to share what you have learned. And good luck!lucky - Leading Edge Tutors

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